A Friend Who Will Hold Your Hand

We are all trying to move further ahead in life and be in a better place than we are today or have been in the past; there is always room for improvement. We find a lot of areas that need working upon be it in terms of our education, financial management, relationships or our nature. We may have set a list of goals for ourselves but we don’t know how to actually achieve them. It is even possible that we are doing one thing in life but it never really feels right and we don’t feel good about it.

If you have these questions too, maybe your answer is a coach. That’s right! Now you may be thinking about some man in his middle ages, a cap on his head cheering for his team and instructing them on how to play the game. While the coach I’m talking about will also be instructing you on how to play this game called life, he won’t necessarily look like a usual coach.

I’m talking about a life coach. This person is equipped with everything that is needed to show you the right direction in life.

Coaches have the ability to view things from afar – in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ – and to shed new light on difficult situations. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate. – CFO Magazine

You must be wondering why you can’t be your own coach, after all who knows you better than yourself. The question here isn’t so much about who knows you better but about who can show you the way; and a coach can do it best. When you are facing difficulties in life, your decision making skills can get blurred by your emotional investment in the situation. This can jeopardize your decisions most of the times. But when a coach sees the problem, he/she is not as emotionally invested as you are and can therefore decide more clearly.

Who is the most appropriate candidate in need of coaching? If you are at any of these stages in life, and staggering there, you could see a coach to gain more clarity and perspective. If you are starting a new business, or are a homeowner but want to do something about the talent you know you have, you could even be an artist, actor or a musician. Sometimes even leaders and business executives need help from the coaches.

This is not it. As a branch of life coaching there is something called passion coaching. Passion coaching is for those who feel like they are unsatisfied or lost in life. The main goal of a passion coach is to help you rediscover those things which you are passionate about and help you take a step in the new direction.

When you visit a life or passion coach, they will first talk to you about the kind of person you, the things you do, your hobbies, likes and dislikes. They get to know you as much they can and build a strong rapport. After that they discuss the areas in which you want to see yourself improve and they give you their expert guidance and help chalk out a path by which you can get on to achieving your goals. As and when you progress, these meetings will be converted to phone calls where the coaches will have a follow up and give you small advices to help you improve even more.

In conclusion, let’s look at some benefits you could get from seeking a coaching of this kind.

• You can become a better planner under their guidance.
• They can help you plan all your financial investments so you can make more profit.
• If you have any new business strategy, the coach can give you his/her take on it.
• They can help you build stronger personal relationships.
• You can start identifying with yourself better and feel stronger.
• If you are making a big change in life, the coaching will make your way easy.
• You can find your ideal career through such coaching sessions.
• You can even learn to manage stress and enjoy all the little things in life.
• You can learn to communicate better, both at work and at home.
• You can learn to manage your anger, become more patient, increase your dedication and perseverance.

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